photo - Melanie Fuerste

Dolby Atmos Music Mixing

Since summer 2021 I've been mixing in this immersive format and it is with great joy I have dived into this. Opening up the music and unfolding the content while keeping the story intact is my aim.

Underneath is a list of things and projects that I have been mixing in Dolby Atmos

- Maximillian - Too Young

Produced by Karl-Frederik Reichhardt & Marco Twellmann

Label Copenhagen Records

- Rune Rask - Rune Rask

Produced by Rune Rask

Label Tabu Records (Universal Music)

- Jada - Something to say

Produced by Jada, Malthe Rostrup, August Møller Fogh, Søren Breum Skovsted

Label Virgin Music Denmark

- Jada - Elements

Atmos mix all tracks - exept Dangerous#8

Label Universal Music Denmark